Us Recruiters are often tarred with a rather mucky brush by candidates. If you do a quick search on LinkedIn or Reddit you’ll find an awful lot of ‘Recruiter Bashing’.

Looking for and securing a new job is a huge life changing decision for most people. It can be daunting, it put’s us ‘out there’ and we know that we’re going to experience rejection as well as elation along the course of the search.

Wouldn’t it be nice if (and put yourself in your candidates’ shoes) you could reach out to a Consultant, who would not only send your CV to their current roles, but also act as your ‘agent’ in a similar way that Authors, Actors and Musicians Agents do?

Having a positive trusting and exclusive partnership with a Recruiter is top on the wish list of many fabulous candidates. Treating your Candidates as Clients has so many benefits for both of you and your reputation and brand will be sky high if you can follow these simple actions. And if you’re looking to increase your referrals, look no further! Your candidates will be recommending you left, right and centre:

1. Take the time to find out your candidates true motivation and drivers. Us humans are powered by the simple science of pain versus pleasure. In it’s simplest form, all decisions we make are to either gain pleasure or avoid pain. If you can find out during the interview stage what your candidates drivers are, you are more likely to be able to help them in finding their ideal role by using their motivators to match to the correct company and job.

Use questions like:
What are the 3 things you most enjoyed in that role?
What areas would you want to avoid in your next role?
If I waved a magic wand and tomorrow you were starting your dream job, what would it look like? Feel like? Sound like?

2. When you’re working with MPCs (Most Placeable Candidates) it’s time to roll out the red carpet. How do you recognise an MPC? Just ask yourself the question ‘could I place this candidate x5 over and if I don’t, would my competitor?’. If the answer is ‘YES!’ then here are the basic steps which you should be taking to work with and place that candidate:
Meet immediately and interview to find their needs, wants, motivators, drivers and build rapport
Secure Exclusivity and begin acting as their agent
Ask them to research Companies which interest them and provide you with a number of companies for you to approach on their behalf
Do the same – find a number of companies who would really benefit from this calibre of candidate
Prepare a Profile of the candidate
Pick up the phone and sell this candidate to your combined list. If you can’t get through, email the profile NOT a CV. Try again. And again.
Your aim is to secure 3 Interviews for the candidate. This may take 2 hours or it might take 10.
Keep the candidate informed of all developments

3. Do what you say you’re going to do, when you said it!
The most griping from the candidate usually happens when we don’t keep them updated. remember – this is a life changing time for them, so any news is good news! If there is no update, ensure your candidate is aware that you’ll only be in contact when you have something to report. Setting boundaries, under promising and over delivering are key to keep that trust and rapport going.

4.If you can’t get any traction after a week or so of working on the candidates’ profile, you need to give yourself permission to stop working on them. Make this clear to the candidate as well – as much as you may like them, if there is no current interest from your clients then it’s best to let the candidate know you’ve done all that can be done for now.

5. Secure Exclusivity.
If you’re going to be working pro-actively for a candidate, you need to be sure that there are no other irons in their fire. Working with a candidate in this way is time consuming so you will want to minimise your risk of losing them to another process. Letting them know the benefits to them of this exclusivity is key in ensuring you both have total clarity and trust in the process you’re suggesting.

If you follow these 5 top tips, you’ll be well on your way to working a ‘Candidate Led’ model. If you’d like to find out more about working with MPCs, or how to sell MPC’s effectively, check out our training modules here: LIVE RECRUITMENT TRAINING