How to Save Thousands When Recruiting – Getting and Keeping the Top Performers

Each time a new recruit is brought on board it costs the business money. Most companies are happy to do this because it’s seen as an investment. But this is only true if that new recruit is trained up to perform and is actually retained by the business. When a top performer leaves a business it can cost up to 5 times their salary to replace them. This is where the true value of on-boarding lies. If your business can retain the people you’re recruiting, you can save thousands. So how do you do that? Here are my onboarding top tips as a recruitment coach.

Attract the right type of recruiters

Aside from the skills and experience that you look for, the person that will stay with your company is one that fits in with the company culture. When looking to attract the right people it is important to share what the business is about in terms of vision and culture. If they feel at home and share common values they are far more likely to thrive in their position.  If they are happy and performing well it improves the chances of retaining them.

Hire the right type of recruiters

Know what you are looking for in recruiters so that when considering possible candidates you know which CV’s to place on the shortlist. Have a detailed hiring process in place that includes specific interview questions and analysis of the candidates. Use non-verbal cues to find out as much as possible about the person. Most importantly find out their personal values and career plans. Follow through with checking references.

Training and development

From their first day on the job, new recruiters need to be trained and developed. No matter what level of experience they have good onboarding gives them the opportunity to learn more. An induction program can help them find their feet, give them an opportunity to ask questions and get familiar with their role in the business. A company that has a robust training and development plan in place is one that retains their top recruiters. Today people work for far more than just money. They want to feel fulfilled in their day to day work and develop themselves in terms of their career. A good training program can have new recruiters billing in just twelve weeks. This can save the business thousands and shows the true value of a good onboarding process.

Retaining top recruiters

In more than 10 years as a recruitment coach this is one area that I have seen cost businesses the most money – when they don’t retain their recruiters. Simply developing and retaining the talent in your business is the biggest cost saver. In other words look after your recruiters. Provide them with the training, support and mentoring that they need and they won’t feel the need to move jobs. If they feel valued, they will continue to add immense value to your business. It will be worth every penny spent on developing and perfecting a good onboarding system.