The ONE thing you need to do for more successful onboarding

onboarding recruiters

Onboarding your recruiters successfully Many recruitment business owners often expect new recruiters to be completely self-motivated, setting and meeting their own goals. What they don’t realise is how completely unrealistic this is. Few other industries have these expectations when onboarding. New employees will be looking to you for leadership and it’s your job to provide […]

7 Deadly Sins of Onboarding New Recruiters

onboarding new recruiters

Finding and selecting the right people is only half the job. Successfully onboarding new recruiters in a business, is the real test.  Most employees decide within the first 6 months if they will stay with a company. This means that those first few months are the most crucial for new recruiters. Yet many businesses still […]

Attracting Top Talent


Attracting top talent to your business requires that you not only understand what your business needs, but also what the people you hire are looking for in a position. In a previous blog we spoke about the cost of hiring wrong. Getting it wrong can cost you up to £50,000 once you add up all […]