5 Top interviewing tips for hiring top talent


As recruiters you’d think we would be quite good at interviewing, but it’s astounding how many obvious mistakes we make, often not even being aware of them. You will be surprised at how many stories I’ve heard about how poorly recruiters go about recruiting other recruiters for their business.

The most important 10 weeks in your business

onboarding new recruiters

Onboarding New Recruiters – The First 10 weeks For any new recruiter in your business the first 10 weeks are the most critical. Often if things don’t go well during this time they not only leave the company, but often leave the recruitment industry as a whole. This is huge pity because often these people […]

Attracting Top Talent


Attracting top talent to your business requires that you not only understand what your business needs, but also what the people you hire are looking for in a position. In a previous blog we spoke about the cost of hiring wrong. Getting it wrong can cost you up to £50,000 once you add up all […]