Using The Law of Attraction as a Recruiter

So, you’re read ‘The Secret’, you can do the gratitude piece and you’re on-board with the concept that the Universe matches the vibrational energy that you give out. Great! Now how can we harness this as a nitty gritty, sales, target and KPI driven Recruitment Consultant?

Good question! Here are the top 3 things you can do physically to work in alignment with this principle (and these tips also work even if you think the whole concept is just too woo woo for you!)

1.Profile your Ideal Candidate and your Ideal Client

Manifestation can only happen if you truly know what it is you want to manifest, so the first step in recruitment will be to map out exactly the type of Individuals and companies you want to work with. I lave a list of questions to help you with this and you can download them here: (link). Not only is this a fantastic exercise to complete which will help you attract the right clients and candidates, it will also allow you to market and sell your services to them. If you know what drives them, motivates them, what their pleasure and pain points are, you are more likely to be in a position to help them.

Not only that, if you look at how marketing departments target their ideal customers, their first stop is to identify exactly who they are and what they want. Marketing 101 – define your demographic.

Have you ever made a decision to, say, buy a car? You create a picture in your mind of the exact model, colour and specification of that car and hey presto! You’re seeing Red Audi TTs everywhere! This isn’t magic – this is called your Reticular Activating System (RAS). It’s your brains response to you letting it know what to look out for. Interesting, eh?

2.Positive Thought attracts Positive Results

The Law of Attraction doesn’t define ‘good’ from ’bad’. It just ‘is’. So if you spend your day ruminating on all the things that have gone wrong or could go wrong in your processes i.e.. Candidate doesn’t show up for interview, Client doesn’t call back with feedback or calls with negative feedback – then you’re setting yourself up for more of the same! Not only that, it’s a really tough and dark place to be. This is the point when your gratitude learnings come in. If you can shift from thinking about the negative consequences, to the positive ones, then not only will you be working towards a shift in attraction, but also mindset.

When you practice gratitude, it allows no room for being sad, angry or hurt. So try to find something to be grateful for in the situation. i.e. The candidate didn’t turn up for their first interview, try ‘Im glad they dropped out here instead of at offer as I can find a more suitable candidate for this role, and they’re more likely to stay put’ or ‘I’m grateful that I’ve learned this today so I can tighten up my interview skills to make sure this doesn’t happen again’. Yes, I know – it’s hard sometimes! I do remember 😉 . But if you can start practicing it, it will become much easier to do in a really short time – you just need to train your brain a little bit!

3. Don’t just set your goals – truly live them in your mind!

Goal setting is a very powerful tool in itself, but to make those goals really pop, you want to crawl into them! Here is a fabulous exercise to use to help you to really feel the powerful positivity that will motivate you to get them, along with help from the Law of Attraction which loves clarity and absolutes:

Imagine it’s 3 months, 6 months,1,5 years from now (insert your goal timescale). Now give it an absolute date and a time ( i.e. its 25th September 2020 and I’m…) and fast forward yourself into your future self. You’ve achieved all your goals and you’re feeling fantastic! Close your eyes and look around you – Where are you? Whats the weather like? Who is with you? What can you hear around you? What are you doing? Wearing? Smelling? Tasting? What have you achieved? And how have you got there?

This visualisation will really help you to make those goals feel real and achievable and provide more motivation in achieving them.
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