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candidate led recruitment

What is Candidate Led Recruitment and why should I bother with it?

I recently had lunch with a fab recruiter (currently billing just over 300k pa) and the topic of ‘how do you recruit?’ naturally came up. And it totally surprised me that this incredibly successful Independent Recruiter ONLY worked a candidate led model.

And really it shouldn’t surprise me! The candidate led model is a no brainier – finding a great candidate, securing them exclusively and then finding them their dream role is a very successful, fulfilling and lucrative model to work. In fact, pretty much every single successful recruiter I’ve coached works this model in their desk.

The candidate led recruitment model (also known as Most Placeable Candidate MPC Model and Reverse Search) seems to have gone out of fashion. And if you picked this up and ran with it, you’d be among the few and great who do.

But don’t get this muddled up with cv sending (or cv spamming as it should be called). The MPC Process is a very particular strategy with several elements which, if all delivered well, can and often does allow you to make an extra placement a month.

And it’s the ‘all delivered well’ piece that is key here. I’ve worked with many many recruiters and I often hear ‘ah, that doesn’t work for me.’ So we delve into the process, dig out the reason it doesn’t work for them, correct it and hey presto – an extra placement a month – boom!

So what is the correct process? Well, here’s an overview of the essentials you absolutely must deliver on if you want this to work for you:

  1. Work out exactly who your MPC is and find that sweet spot – the candidate that you could place 5x over
  2. Find them! You’ll need to use some super sleuthing techniques to find them, as they won’t be active and on the online cv databases
  3. Attract them to your offering. This is a 3 step process – qualify, behaviour based interview and pitch your reverse search proposition
  4. Ensure they are willing to work with you exclusively and in return you are offering them a VIP service
  5. Find the right roles for them. Again, some super sleuthing will be needed here along with your expertise in your sector and some help from your candidate
  6. Market and sell them to your agreed client list. The most important part here is HOW you market your candidate. You need to do it expertly, and it can open some doors for you that you might not have been able to get through before
  7. Secure interviews for the candidates and new roles to work on for you.
  8. Continue building your candidate relationship

As you can tell, this is a time consuming process and it’s imperative you get it right or really it will be a waste of both your time and the candidates. But the wins are huge. You’ll make more placements, your knowledge, expertise and personal brand will go through the roof and you’ll have a whole host of happy candidates and clients. Win win win!

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